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Kokernag gets its name from two words koker meaning fowl and nag meaning serpent. kukernagA spring gushes out here at the base of a thickly-wooded hill from where it divides into channels, resembling the claw of a hen; hence the name. Kokernag has been mentioned in the Ain-e-Akbari, which says the water of the spring has medicinal and digestive properties. The Kokernag spring bubbles at seven places at the foot of a forested mountain.

Situated in the heart of Bringhi valley, 70 km fromSrinagar, Kokernag, which stands at 2,020 metre/6,627 feet, is set amidst sprawling gardens fragrant with thousands of blooming flowers. The place is famous for gardens, freshwater springs and trout.

The towns and villages situated around Kokernag are Wangam, Hangalgund, Sangam, Zalergam, Duksum etc.