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Amarnath Cave

The sacred Amarnath Cave Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and is one of the most highly regarded and important shrines of India. Located inside the cave is the symbol of Lord Shiva, and is opened to viewing from the months of May to August.

The expansive ground of this beauty covers over 360 km, and is watched carefully by the Indian Army to assure that all is calm and soothing as it should be. The AmarnathCaveTempleis so astoundingly esteemed that the excitement can barely be contained by visitors when they first set eyes on it.

Make the fantastic trip to the temple by either trekking through the fabulous hiking paths, or booking a riding adventure by horse. Either way, the powerful and righteous Amarnath Cave Temple will be calling to you from atop its stunning hillock!

According to common legend a shepherd called Buta Malik first discovered this holy cave at Amarnath and ever since, this cave became an important center of pilgrimage for the Hindus.
The Government of Jammu and Kashmir organize tours and travel to the Amarnath shrine in Jammu. There is an ice lingam of lord Shiva inside the Amarnath cave. This is supposed to represent the deity. Tours and travel to this shrine in Jammu can be undertaken only after being registered with the authorities.
Kashmir Hub offers details about tours and travel packages for the holy Amarnath yatra in Jammu, Kashmir, India. There are two different ways of reaching the Amarnath shrine. The traditional route passes via Pahalgam, Sheshnag and Panchtarni. The new route is via Baltal. If pilgrims opt to travel by the old route then it takes approximately four days to reach the holy Amarnath Dham. Those who choose to travel by the new route reach the place in a days time. Most Hindus try to visit this shrine at least once in a lifetime.